BITUTHENE 3000 waterproofing membrane for high-quality self-adhesive

Thin waterproofing membrane for high-quality self-adhesive polyethylene / rubber bitumen slab roofs for tunnels and building structures.


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• Crimped sheet-type film - provides tensile strength, withstands tear force, penetration, and impact.
• A single layer - simple, reliable, requires little labor to apply.
• Cold construction - no heat, fire and explosion prevention.
• Self-adhesive - guaranteed continuity at joints, rubber / bitumen formulation allows small openings to be filled.
• Manufacturer controls thickness - no heterogeneity occurs during construction.
• Chemical resistant - effectively protects surfaces against the harsh and aggressive environmental conditions of ozone.

Bituthene 3000 is a high quality, pre-formed, cold-bonded, flexible waterproof membrane used for roof floors such as terraces and terraces. The product is composed of a thin HDPE film and a self-adhesive bitumen rubber layer.
Measures should be taken to ensure surfaces are free of ice, frost or water retention. The roof surface should be dried, clean from sharp protruding objects and sealed with high-strength mortar. Application should be done under + 4 ° C to + 55 ° C temperature conditions. The horizontal and vertical sides shall be level, even, dry and free of screws. Horizontal and vertical surfaces are covered with a primer Primer B1 or Primer B2 with a brush or roller at a rate of 6-8 (8-10) m² per liter depending on surface porosity, and allow to dry. completely before pasting Bituthene 3000.
Bituthene 3000 is glued by peeling off the protective paper and sticking the adhesive surface onto the construction surface to ensure good initial adhesion. Side coils must be aligned and overlap at least 50mm at the edge and end, and the overlap should be pressed tightly by Bituthene Lap Roller (Bituthene Lap Roller) to ensure the bonding. cohesion and cohesion between layers. Comply with construction procedures and perform inspections to prevent damages and incidents during construction. Once put into use after construction, Bituthene 3000 should be protected from weather and physical damage by using protective covers or grouting on the surface. Any holes or damaged areas need to be cleaned and patched with a Bituthene 3000 patch that is at least 50mm larger than the damaged part.
Vertical exposed surfaces should be protected from UV damage by using a protective sheet.
Goods provided
Bituthene 3000 rolls 1m x 20m (20m²)
Average net weight 37 kg
Store upright in dry environments below + 30 ° C
Auxiliary products
Primer B1 primer 18.2 liter barrel

Waterproofing Material